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High Intensity Business

High Intensity Business (formerly Corporate Warrior) is a high intensity strength training podcast designed to help HIT enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals and HIT business owners and personal trainers to build a successful HIT business. The podcast helps individuals and personal trainers to optimise results for themselves and their clients with evidence-based information on exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Moreover, the podcast explores every aspect of starting and growing a high intensity training business including personal training, sales, marketing, operations, hiring, retention, pricing and packaging, financial management, exercise equipment, leadership, productivity, and much more. Previous guests include Dr Doug McGuff, Drew Baye, Skyler Tanner, Fred Hahn, James Fisher PhD, James Steele PhD, Luke Carlson, Adam Zickerman, Kyle Recchia, Adrian Antigua, Bill Crawford, Dorian Yates, Simon Melov PhD, Roger Schwab, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Steve Maxwell, and many, many more.

Oct 19, 2022

Patrik Meier is the Chief Operating Officer for Kieser Training. He is a mechanical and industrial engineer, and has specialized in sales, marketing, and branding. Patrik spent time in the Swiss army as an infantry officer, and in the health industry in different management and executive positions.

Starting from 1967, Kieser Training was a pioneer — it was one of the first companies to recognize the health benefits of strength training and consistently encouraged the use of exercise machines. More than 50 years later, Kieser has remained faithful to this concept and has continued to develop machines on the basis of current medical research to guarantee maximum training effectiveness.

Kieser has 42 facilities and 118 franchises worldwide. There are 1,500 people in the Kieser team and over 265,000 clients. 

Own a Kieser Training franchise

In this episode, Patrik shares the life and success of Werner Kieser, Kieser Training’s core values and business processes, mentorship, target market strategies, and much more. 

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